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Mimaki JFX500-2131

  • Mimaki JFX500-2131
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Product Description

High Speed Print

Maximum print speed of 60m2/h

Newly developed print head design

Equipped with the new developed print head (6 print heads with 3 staggered configuration).

Print Speed

Print speed

Various ink selections

The JFX500-2131 is compatible with various UV ink types that have different characteristics.
The optimum ink can be selected for intended applications.
  UV-Curable ink

Flexible UV InkHard UV Ink
C M Y K W C M Y K Cl Pr W C M Y K Cl W C M Y K Cl Pr W
A flexible UV ink has 200% stretchability. One of ideal applications is a vehicle wrapping that requires excellent flexibility to apply print films. A flexible UV ink has 150% stretchability and would not crack during post print processes. This ink is compatible with a wide range of materials and has a low degree of tackiness. A flexible UV ink has 170% stretchability. Its ink film is very flexible and will not crack during post print processes. Hard UV ink with higher scratch and chemical resistance as well as color re-production on more rigid substrates.

* LUS-150 ink set does not include clear ink. However, LH-100 clear ink can be used in combination with LUS-150 ink.
* Primer is PR-100 or PR-200, no matter the ink type.
* Installation of PR100/200KIT is required when using PR-100 or PR-200.
* Ink flexibility of LUS-120/150/200 may vary according to the substrate, please verify your substrate in advance.


Newly developed UV LED unit

The New UV LED unit is optimized and the curing efficiency of LED is improved enough to cure the ink. High speed UV printing is available with all the advantages of LED technology, such as long-life, energy savings, and lower heat generation (being able to print on a media which is easily deformed or discolored by heat).

Newly developed LED-UV unit

High Quality Print

IMS for highly detailed and accurate prints

2 units of Mimaki's unique highly-accurate linear scales controlled by IMS have been equipped, for fine step accuracy and dot placement. This results in far less banding artifacts and even the possibility to print legible 2 pt characters.
* Characters may be illegible depending on the media.
(IMS = Intelligent Microstepping System)

MAPSⅡ - A mask pattern that reduces UV curing banding


In addition to the normal pattern, you can select "MAPSⅡ" that effectively reduces bandings. MAPSⅡ implements printing with generating passes, using a gradational mask pattern, the UV curing is performed more gradually and it diminishes the appearance of bandings.
(MAPSⅡ = Mimaki Advanced Pass System)

Smooth and beautiful gradation achieved by Mimaki's unique head control technique

Variable drops function provides 3 different drop sizes at once. The minimum size is amazingly 4 pico-litter drop and produces smooth and natural gradation, without granular appearance even in the 4-color mode.

Easy Operations

Layout pins that eliminate annoying aligning works

When placing a substrate on a flatbed, strict alignment had been required to check whether the media is not in-line with the printing surface, or whether the point of origin is aligned, etc.

This machine is equipped with pins and a scale to eliminate such annoying aligning work. You fix the substrate to the pins and check the placement with the scale at first and then edit the design data or printer settings accordingly. In this way, you can implement direct UV printing without misalignment.

Reverse Print Function

Select the order of over- and under-print with white in RasterLink6, the bundled standard software RIP. The most efficient path is then determined by the software.

Operators experience efficient high productivity gains without further operator intervention.

Offering vacuum unit as standard equipment

JFX500-2131 comes equipped with a vacuum unit to securely fix the substrates on the flatbed. It is also useful for preventing warpage of substrates during printing. The vacuum area is vertically divided into 4 zones and can be separately activated according to the substrates.

Easy Maintenance

Ink circulation, ecology & economy with the application of white ink

MCT to regularly circulate white ink is standard equipment. It enables stable output from the time of machine startup by effectively avoiding the settling of white pigment in the ink lines. Additionally, MCT contributes to reduction of ink waste, thereby supporting environmentally and economically friendly applications.
* MCT works only with white ink.
(MCT = Mimaki Circulation Technology)

Nozzle Recovery Function

Without the nozzle recovery function, when printing and nozzle clogging or failure occurs that could not be resolved by the nozzle cleaning function, printers have to wait stop until the Mimaki service team arrives. When it comes to this function, even if nozzle washing has no effect on a troubled nozzle, the print image quality can be retained immediately without slowing down the print process.

* The recoverability of this function is limited.


Highly refined environmentally friendly functions

UV curing printing is an ecological printing method that hardly generates VOCs.

Curing efficiency of the newly developed UV LED unit has been improved compared to that of the conventional one. It is powerful and reduces power consumption while offering much longer life cycles and increased operability.

Each UV ink is supplied in high-capacity bottle. This economical and ecological package contributes to reduce amount of industrial waste and running cost.

Software RIP combining usability and high performance


High performance software is sometimes difficult to use, we make it easy!
The new RasterLink6 is focused on being simple and friendly.
With its many new functions, the “Software RIP for Everybody” has been achieved and provides for more professional and advanced finished products through its universal accessibility.

Intuitive and user-friendly operation



Head On-demand Piezo head (6 printheads with 3 staggered configuration)
Print resolution 300dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1,200dpi
InkUV curable ink LUS-120 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
LUS-150 (C, M, Y, K, W)
LUS-200 (C, M, Y, K, W)
LH-100 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
PR-100, PR-200 (Primer)
Supply system Supplied by 2L Ink Station
Ink circulation (*1) White ink circulation by MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology)
Ink degassing module Equipped with MDM (Mimaki Degassing Module)
Maximum print size (W X D) 2,100 X 3,100 mm (82.7 X 122.0")
MediaSize (W X D) 2,100 X 3,100 mm (82.7 X 122.0")
Height Max. 50 mm (2.0")
Weight Less than 50 kg (110.2 lbs.) / m2
Media table  Air suction by vacuum
 Vacuum area Vertically divided into 4 zones
Print accuracyAbsolute accuracy ± 0.3 mm (0.01") or ± 0.3% from specified print distance
Repeatability ± 0.2 mm (0.01") or ± 0.1% from specified print distance
UV unit  Equipped with UV LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
 Lifetime (*2) About 5,000 hours
Interface USB2.0
Applicable standard VCCI class A, CE Marking, CB Report, UL, RoHS Directive
Power specifications AC 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Less than 2.4 kVA
Operational environmentTemperature 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F)
Humidity 35 – 65 %Rh
Temperature accuracy 18 – 25 °C (64.4 – 77 °F)
Temperature gradient Less than ± 10 °C/h (18 °F)
Dust Equivalent to normal office level
Dimensions (W X D X H) (*3) 4,100 X 4,462 X 1,490 mm (161.4 X 175.7 X 58.7")
Weight (*3) 1,353 kg (2,982.8 lbs.)

*1 MCT works only with white ink.
*2 Reference value. There is no guarantee as to the lifetime.
*3 Ink Station is not included in the dimensions and the weight.
・RasterLink6 and the standard vacuum unit are bundled with the JFX500-2131.
・Inks would not be cured when printing speed is faster than that of draft mode.

  • Some of the screens and printing samples in this website are artificial renderings.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Inkjet printers print using extremely fine dots, thus colors may vary slightly following replacement of the printing heads. Also note that if using multiple printer units, colors may vary slightly among the units due to slight individual differences among the units.


Precautions for UV printing

  Inks and substrates:

  • Please note that properties and adhesion, weather resistance etc. of ink and substrates can vary. Therefore please test materials before printing.
  • Some substrates require primer before printing. Please test materials beforehand or ask your sales representative.


  Safety notice:
You are dealing with UV light sources that may harm your health. Please follow below guidelines strictly:

  • Do not look directly into the UV light source nor place your hand, or expose your skin directly to the UV light source.
  • Depending upon print mode, there might occur some VOC emittance from printed parts not yet cured and hardened.
  • In addition, please read the instructions and guidelines of the manual carefully and follow those.

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